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Arrival and departure

In 2023, arrival will be private. You must arrive by 12 noon on the day of arrival. On the day of departure, pick-up is by 10 a.m.

If a camper arrives by train, plane or bus, it is possible to organize a pick-up. In this way we can ensure that everyone can start their summer adventure on the first day on time!


The safety of our campers is particularly important to us. Only those who feel safe can fully live out their thirst for adventure. Each activity is conducted by professional coaches and is always backed up with a safety briefing. All the necessary licenses of our staff, such as 1st aid training, lifeguard training, are a basic requirement for safe implementation.

Process of application

First, upcoming campers apply online using our application form. The Red Woods team will allocate them based on a variety of factors. After successful placement you will receive an email with the confirmation and invoice. Only after submitting this document and payment you're all set and good to go! 


Anyone who experiences a lot and does sports is also hungry!

At Red Woods we have our own chef and our own food philosophy. In addition to an extensive breakfast, packed lunches and a delicious warm evening meal, it is particularly important to us to offer campers healthy and sustainable nutrition. Regional products help us to gain the necessary energy for the exciting days.


Every camper needs their own health insurance, with which he/she is co-insured through their legal guardians. Own liability is advisable. As the organizer, we are obliged to insure the campers with our own event liability insurance and can thus insure against damage and other situations.

Waiting period

After successful registration and payment, the waiting phase begins until the sessions. During this time, Red Woods Camp may email you with additional information. (e.g. current program plan, packing list, instructions, etc.) If you are impatient, do not hesitate to write to us!


Our rustic and traditional accommodations are ideal to be in harmony with nature in the middle of the forest.

The wooden bungalows have bunk beds, heating and closets for clothes and equipment. The sanitary facilities are located in a few steps around the camp and also have washing machines and dryers. The use of all facilities of the NCU campsite is included for campers.

Payment & Terms and Conditions

Since we at Red Woods select campers through an application process, you will receive all detailed payment modalities as well as our business and cancellation conditions in the registration form.

The payment modalities are only due after a successful application and your written consent.

Code of Conduct and Spirit

Our camp is a co-educational holiday camp for children and young people from different regions and countries. In order to ensure a goal-oriented organization and a safe process, all participants, coaches and supervisors have to follow the rules. The focus is on respectful community interaction.

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