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Not a normal summer

Red Woods not only offers campers an experience, but also activities of a special kind

Activities are very important to us

As a sports and summer camp, we have set ourselves the goal of putting a smile on the campers' faces every day with a wide variety of sporting activities.

water sports (in cooperation with the local surf school)

  • SUP

  • Kayak & Canoe

  • Windsurfing

  • Catamaran

  • Wing surfing

  • Swimming lessons by professional lifeguards

  • And much more

country sports

  • Running training

  • Bicycle tours (MTB, trips to the beach, climbing forest, etc.)

  • Strength and coordination training

  • Hikes (during the day and at night, e.g. torchlight hike)

  • Sports games (soccer, ultimate frisbee, flag football, etc.)

  • Fitness and daily morning exercise

  • Archery

  • Arts & Crafts

Team and cooperation games

  • Daily Team Battles (Navy, Green, Red)

  • Skill competitions

  • Team building and strengthening of social skills

  • Experience together, master challenges together

Training in nature awareness & sustainability 

  • Digital world vs. reality: A break from the smartphone - an enrichment for the senses

  • In harmony with nature and the animal world

  • Professional guided tours in the national park

  • Historical explorations on the island of Usedom

  • Boat tours for rowing and seal banks on the Baltic Sea

  • Cook together regionally

  • Handicraft courses including building a raft, dragon boat and much more.

  • Getting to know and love the raw material wood

  • Element of water and its peculiarities

The program is put together individually with the campers. First of all, the number of participants and group composition plays an important role. Activities may also have to be postponed and/or replaced by others due to weather conditions. 



For our class and group trips, we work with different activity packages, which we put together individually with you!

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