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CEO & Director

Martin Rychtarik is the founder and director of Red Woods Camp. He has been working in the field of children's and youth sports for solid 20 years and has identified with the topic of sports & summer camps since his time in the USA in 2012. There he worked at Windridge Tennis & Sportscamp in the state of Vermont. As a counselor, he was able to gain a lot of valuable experience in the world of seemingly never-ending summer adventures, which he also lives out with dedication every day in his work as a high school sports and English teacher.

In 2019, with the help of the Usedom nature campsite, he was able to find the ideal place for lifelong nature experiences and the founding of RED WOODS, which he now wants to share with you.

His philosophy is simple: offer an escape from the gray everyday life of the digital world in order to devote oneself again to sustainability and closeness to nature. Sportiness, team spirit, encouragement, trust and lifelong friendships are only some of the benefits. The Red Woods spirit is intended to offer children and young people a safe haven in which to develop individually. Personality training, the improvement of sports skills and a good portion of fun with all its facets are the focus here.

Rustic and traditional, sports-oriented and close to nature, Red Woods aims to make summer an unforgettable adventure. Be there and be enchanted by the red sunsets!

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